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3 Core Flat Cable for Submersible Pumps

Our 3 core flat cables are manufactured keeping in mind the severe and difficult conditions in which they are required to perform. The individual conductors are made from bright electrolytic grade copper. The wires are drawn, annealed and bunched properly to ensure flexibility and uniform resistance. Each of the three copper conductors is insulated with a special PVC compound formulated, and the cores are laid up in flat parallel position. The outer sheath of the cable is made from a special grade of abrasion resistant PVC compound impervious to water, grease, oil, etc. The cables are now available with sequential marking, brand name, size and voltage grade.

Technial Data

PVC Insulated & Sheathed Three Core Flat cables 1100V Grade For Submersible Pump, confirming with "ISI" Mark. (IS: 694/90)

Area sq mm Strand mm Ins. Thk mm Sheath Thk mm Resi OHM/km Capa. Amp Pack Mtrs Mat-Code For HP Pump*
1.50 22/.30 0.6 0.90 12.10 14 1000 31843 7.50
2.50 36/.30 0.7 1.00 07.41 18 1000 31943 10.00
4.00 56/.30 0.8 1.00 04.95 26 500 32043 15.00

PVC Insulated & Sheathed Three Core Flat Cables 1100V Grade for Submersible pump, as per IS:694/90

Area sq mm Strand mm Ins. Thk mm Sheath Thk mm Resi OHM/km Capa. Amp Pack Mtrs Mat-Code For HP Pump*
6.00 85/.30 1.00 1.15 3.30 31 500 32143 20
10.00 140/.30 1.00 1.40 1.91 42 500 31243 25
16.00 226/.30 1.00 1.40 1.21 57 500 32343 35
25.00 354/.30 1.20 0.79 72 72 300 32443 50

* This is general recommendation, subject to change in different use conditions.

* NOTE: Insulation thickness, Sheath thickness given in this table are nominal values. The number of wires is approximate and strand diameter is nominal; they shall be such as tos satisfy the requirements of conductor resistance as per IS:8130/1984

Disclaimer: This information is to the best of our knowledge & accurate but all recommendations or suggestions are made without guarantee since the conditions of use are beyond our control. The typical values given do not constitute specification for the product but represent typical analytical values.