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CE Wires & Cables

Special PVC Compound Insulated Wires & Cables available in wide Temperature range from +70°c to +105°c, -5°c to -15°c with CE approval, As per IEC 60227-1, 60227-4 & 60228.

Our Ranges

  • Single Core
  • Multi Core
  • Shielded Cables
  • Thermoplastic Insulated Cables
  • Instrumentation & Signaling Cable

Single Core:

  • CE Approved Special PVC Insulated Single Core.

Technical Data

  • Temperature Range: -15°c to+70°, 90°, 105°
  • Nominal Voltage: up/u 450/750v
  • Conductor Formation: IEC 60228 class:5&6
  • Insulation Resistance >10Gohmxcm
  • Test Voltage: 2500v

Colors: Stock Colours: Grey, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Yellow/Green.

Packing: Coil of 100mtrs or as per requirement (Subject to MOQ).

View Conductor Resistance & Conductor make up Detail

Multicore Cable

CE standard approved Control Cable with color code & Number cores.

Suitable For

  • Machine tools manufacturing
  • Engineering Plant
  • Refrigeration Plant
  • Appliances (Home & Industrial)
  • Office equipments machines
  • Paint shop
  • Control Panel Wiring


  • Thin cable diameters reducing the amount of space.
  • Highest electrical & Mechanical requirements
  • High Test Voltage between cores 4000V provides high insulation safety
  • CE conformity cable in accordance to the EEC directive 73/23 (Low voltage directive)

Cable Make Up

  • Finely stranded plain copper wires in accordance to IEC Class 5 & 6.
  • Special PVC based core Insulation with number for easy identifications.
  • Outer sheath of special PVC based compound.
  • Outer sheath GREY colour.

Technical Data

  • Recommended minimum bending radius for Test Voltage: 3000V between cores Flexing:15 x outer diameter static Static: 4 x outer diameter
  • Temperature Range: Flexing: -5°C to+70°, 80°, 105° Static: -15° to+70°,80°,105°
  • Conductor Stranding: Fine wire in accordance to IEC 228 Class:5 Nominal Voltage uo/u 450v/750v. Insulation resistance: < 37.50 ohms/c. Test Voltage: 3000v between cores Protective : Conductor (YELLOW WITH GREEN)

Core Identification

  • Up to 5core : Ref table "A"
  • 6 Core & more: White with numbers & one protective (Earthing) core yellow/Green on outer layer.

Table A

Number of cores. Cable with Green/Yellow Identification
2 Brown/Blue
6 and more GNYE/other cores white with numbers.

The control cables with colour code & numbered core.

Size No. of cores
0.50sqmm to 1.50sqmm 2 Core to 40Core
0.50sqmm to 6.00sqmm 2 Core to 19Core
0.50sqmm to 16.0sqmm 2 Core to 7Core
0.50sqmm to 35.0sqmm 2 Core to 4Core
Colours: Outer PVC jacket GREY or BLACK. Any other colour on request, subject to MOQ.